As a chartered member our services are regulated by the CICES (Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors). We have nearly 20 years experience in geomatic survey and specialise in laser scanning.


Modern laser scanning technology is constantly improving and making the latest scanning kit more accessible and user friendly. However, understanding the fundamentals of surveying is still as important as ever and cannot substitute time served experience and relevant qualifications.


Other survey services we can include whilst on site are 360 degree panoramic photography tours for navigation and drone photography to assess areas otherwise difficult to access.


Laser scanning allows us to:

  • achieve speed and accuracy over traditional manual data collection

  • be efficient whilst reducing intrusion on site

  • provide full 3d data to give a full range of deliverables  from topographic survey drawings to full BIM 3D models

  • capture millimetre accuracy - ideal for heritage projects

  • revisit data capture sets easily for any reason including further outputs or future related projects